Modo the car coop

Branding & Community

Finding focus and empowering local champions is what sets a successful brand apart from those who just clamour for attention. When working with Modo The Car Coop, we discussed how we could create value and meaningful engagement with the participants of the Modo 8k Spring Run-Off event.

We wanted something more than just a goofy photo booth with a tickle trunk full of silly props to lure people into participation. That would only produce some funny pictures that no one truly cared about and wouldn’t think to share further. It also would not fit with the new lifestyle direction of the brand.

To engage the running community and create something that reflected their discipline and heart, we decided to create a photo series that captured the participants as heroic athletes. Dramatic lighting and a wide depth of field created these hyper-real portraits of runners as they faced the camera with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The positive response was amazing as people commented, shared, liked and made these images their own profile pictures on social media. Creating something meaningful generated enthusiasm within the community that can only spread with every touch point as engagement grew. Here is a highlight gallery of our results!