Video is not a checkbox in your marketing plan

I want to talk to you about the perils of treating your video marketing efforts like a checkbox on your to-do list.

Now, I get it. People are busy.

They’re concerned with implementation. Get it done!

Video is hot right now. Make some up and get them out there! Get some results!

I get it!

But the danger arises when you treat your video marketing just like another checkbox on your to-do list.

I have my business card. Check!

I have my brochure. Check!

I have my video content. Check!

That’s not how it works.

With that approach your video won’t get proper distribution nor will it get traction.

To make this a little bit more concrete, let me give you an example that came across my desk.

A marketer was looking for help putting together some videos. They had put their CEO in front of a camera for an hour and picked their brain about various subjects.

And they wanted to slice it up and put it on YouTube to launch their channel and squeeze as much content out of that as possible.

I can tell you this right now – the only thing you’re gonna squeeze out
of an hour of your CEO pontificating is a giant turd.

How is that supposed to lead a conversation?

Who is that supposed to engage?

What customers or employees are going to engage with that?

And how is it supposed to influence people’s perceptions or their actions?

And on top of this giant turd they wanted an intro and an outro. And they wanted an automated process so that they can produce more turds, the lack of a better word.

So, I said no to this “opportunity” because I didn’t see how I was going to actually help this client.

I really work to be more of a resource to my clients than just implementation.

When you see that kind of content out there, you know it’s bad. So why would you produce it for yourself?

Leading a conversation, creating engagement, influencing perception and action, takes work. And we are happy to work with you.

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