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Making Video Content Affordable

One in the hand is better than two in the bush, right? That is rightfully the mentality around video production these days. If there isn’t an ongoing relationship then each and every video produced will be priced like it is the last – get paid and get out.

Unfortunately, a piecemeal approach to mar/comms is usually the culprit behind clients asking for quotes like, “How much is this video? How much is that video? Can you give me options?” They part with their budget like the expense wasn’t planned, which is actually a warning bell for the success of a video. When generated outside of a strategy, a video is too often just a shiny object that gets left by the wayside. The marketing team doesn’t know what to do with it and it has little context within the greater brand experience.

But what if we could commit to a long-term strategy, as laid out in a communications or marketing plan? What if we knew what notes we wanted to hit within our content creation over the next six months and had a fixed budget attached?

It changes the conversation!

Trust Your Content Producer

Now we are talking about strategy and storytelling, nurtured over time, brand building or building a call to action. With these conversations comes trust with the brand voice as the content is created. The great hurdle is no longer over budget. The key issue is trust.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say we agreed to 10 short-form videos over 10 months for $10,000. Now it is clear how much time and resources can be thrown into each piece. With a little guidance and a lot of trust, we can square the triangle of “Good, Fast & Cheap” by adding “Short.”

My friends, short-form video is within reach if it is planned and the creator is trusted. Want to hear more? Reach out and let’s continue this conversation.

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