Video Production Outcomes Over Output

Stand out to your prospects! Video content is king! Turn views into sales!

If you believe that, then you can spin up and publish video content very quickly. There is a ton of tools out there to source, manage, optimize and track your videos. Just sit back and watch the data-qualified leads roll in. So it’s a no-brainer, right?


All these service providers have left out the most critical element to your business video strategy — You.

Before thinking about pulling the trigger on a video production, it is imperative to be clear about the message behind the video. I don’t mean, “What is your call to action?” or “Does this speak to your customer avatar?” Again, that kind of thinking leaves you out of the equation.

Know Your Brand Story

Video is a tool and without the proper guidance so many companies allow the tool to determine its own function. A hammer can both drive and pull up nails but you would never let the hammer decide. With almost no checks on the purpose of a video, it is no wonder there are so many online without an audience.

Too many client assume that the video producers are clever enough to figure out the company’s brand and message. By virtue of creating something visually compelling with a little guidance from the client, the video producers can claim victory because of another assumption – the client has done the work of self-examination and deeply understand their own purpose and values.

Both assumptions often lead to expensive experiments in tactics with no overarching, strategic value. Without addressing these assumptions, video becomes a misadventure for many companies. It also sours the relationship with the video producers because somehow it is their fault for not doing the internal work that the client wasn’t invested in doing themselves.

Have An Intended Outcome

When you truly understand the value of your organization and your brand promise, your videos can become laser focused. I have worked on videos with budgets in the tens of thousands, with the intention that they will be watched only twice.  However, with the right audience, those videos have returned hundreds of thousands on their investment. That is the power of having intention behind a video.

I have also worked on lower budget productions that speak directly to a tribe, community or industry with amazing results; high engagement, comments, feedback and sharing. These videos have achieved their intended outcome of contributing towards and shaping culture.

Think Beyond Production

Lastly, you have to think about how a video strategy dovetails into the rest of your marketing strategy. Failure to do so leads to your visual content languishing in some uninspired sub-menu marked “Video” on your website. This is where videos go to die. If you are secretly admitting there is a video sub-menu on your website right now, you seriously need to reconsider your relationship with video. Poorly branded Youtube channels are also criminally negligent.

There absolutely must be a plan in place to get your content out to the world. That can be a platform on which you already have an audience, email list, landing page or you can straight up buy your way onto your customer’s Facebook feed. Either way, that is going to take up time and resources that need to be accounted for.

Video Production Is Not A Checkbox

Put simply, if you treat this powerful communication tool like a checkbox on your marketing “to-do” list then you are setting a course for failure, disappointment and a sour relationship with video.

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