Marketing Video Outcomes

Before you get into ideas, scripts or creative treatments for a project, it is vital to be clear on the desired marketing video outcomes. The ideas and scripts and treatments are shiny objects at this stage of the process and it is tempting to chase after them.

If someone comes to me with an idea but no sense of what that idea is supposed to accomplish, that is a huge, red flag. It indicates that this project is doomed to failure and disappointment because we have not defined what success even looks like.

How will video content serve your interests?

What problems do you hope to solve?

These are strategic questions that only you can answer. As the marketer, the answers should either be on the tip of your tongue or at your fingertips. 

Your deep understanding of your needs are integral here. If you can only repeat your mission statement or say something vague like, “We need more sales,” then your metric for success is only one, big, swinging-for-the-fences, abstract goal.

Marketing videos solve business problems

Marketing Video Outcome examples

When I ask for desired outcomes, I want to hear things like:

“This video project is to build our brand and convince attendees at this very specific, annual conference to resubscribe to our Software as a Service.”

“Our curated list of wealthy folks from Hong Kong want to know about investment opportunities. Let’s get them to invest in our condo development project in Western Canada.”

“We want to broadcast our company culture and thought leadership to build credibility. This will influence procurement decision makers when reviewing project proposals.”

These specifically stated marketing video outcomes really set up a project for success because they inform everything from the script to the final product.

Examples of good video marketing messages

In the next video we are going to talk about clarifying your target audience.

If this was your first time watching, you should start with our introduction to video marketing success.

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