New Drone Laws & Marketing

What do the new drone licensing laws mean for marketers, communicators and business owners?

While the technology is getting more and more accessible, which is exciting, the Canadian government has slammed the brakes on our ability to just throw one of these up in the air.

Here is what you need to know:

If you want an aerial shot of your office, factory or facility in any of your videos, your video producer will need to hire a licensed drone pilot.

Now let me tell you, the licensing process is not easy, and rightfully so. It is designed to keep dumb dumbs out of the air.

To get even the basic license you need to learn things like Bernoulli’s Theorem and the Aerofoil as well as pages and pages of Canadian Aviation Regulations. It’s not fun.

It’s the opposite of fun.

And with the basic license a pilot may fly in uncontrolled airspace and no closer than 100 feet from people.

Now, if your business is in a city or town, odds are it is close to an airport. Airports are the centre points of very controlled airspace, which means you will need a drone pilot with an advanced license. This means that your pilot will, among other things, file a NOTAM and get permission from Air Traffic Control to perform the flight movement at a particular time and place within controlled airspace.

During the flight, your drone pilot will remain in constant contact with Air Traffic Control.

Learning all these regulations – also not fun.

Drone piloting has become a skill set in demand for which you will have to pay.

Take for example this sweeping shot of Vancouver. It is a beautiful shot but it flies straight through the Seaplane terminal. Small aircraft are moving through this area all the time. To fly a drone in this airspace, you will need the specialized services of an advanced drone pilot. There are a ton of other situations, regulations, classes of airspace, meteorological considerations and so on.

Pages and pages of “so on.”

The main takeaway here is this – When you decide you want a aerial shot in your video, make sure to plan and budget for an appropriately licensed drone pilot in your production.

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