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As a Vancouver based company we are always eager to hear news of bold movement in solving our housing crisis. It was our pleasure to be present at Premier John Horgan’s public announcement of the provincial role in working with the United Church to build 414 affordable units.

While we were there it was interesting to speak with church board members. They talked about their feelings on the role of fostering community with the land and assets of the church, even as church membership is in decline. They were also proud of their decision to move forward with this venture, since a church group is usually risk adverse.

The immediate future of affordable housing development will be in more unlikely partnerships like this, to be sure. The win-win scenario here is for land owners, like the church, to leverage their prime real estate, take care of its facilities and provide a benefit to the community. Thanks to BC Housing for having us there to document this amazing announcement.

BC Housing Announcement

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