Generating Leads With Video

Trade Valuable Content For Contact Information

If you do informational presentations on your business, you should be recording those sessions as valuable online content to generate sales leads.

Now, you can lead someone to your video, but how do you turn them into a sales lead? Well, on video platforms like Wistia, you can apply something called an ’email gate’, which prompts people to enter their contact information before or after they have watched a video.

Both have different strategies – a gate at the beginning of your video may discourage viewers and a gate at the end runs the risk of people just watching and leaving. It’s also possible to create a teaser video and then add your gate.

Either way, if you are presenting valuable content you have the opportunity to ask people to pay for it in the form of their contact information. Then you have a real way of capturing information, following up and nurturing the relationship from a lead into a client.

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