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There is a statistical jump in the open rate of emails with the word “video” in the subject line. Readers are also 60% more likely to watch a video rather than look at any text so the use of video in email marketing is becoming a strong consideration for driving click-through rates, engagement time, sharing and conversions.

3 ways to include video in your email marketing

1. Ideally the video would play right inside the email so the user never has to leave their inbox. This is called “embedding”

Unfortunately, this only works about 50% of the time because HTML5 video embedding is not compatible with all email services. The other 50% will see a default image.

Email clients that support video:
iOS devices
Apple Mail
Thunderbird 13

Email clients that do NOT support video:

Gmail is a huge service provider that does not support video embeds, which should be a careful consideration in your email marketing efforts.

2. Using an animated GIF to link to your video is an option that is much more widely supported. This adds a lively element to your email and can cleverly indicate that you are linking to a video.

3. The most reliable option is to use a static image as a link to the video. From the inbox you can send your prospect to a landing page, blog post or a video sharing network like Youtube or Vimeo.

When linking outside of the inbox, you should always work to send your audience to a landing page or blog entry so you can continue to guide their experience – remove distractions and outside links, add a call-to-action, maintain the brand experience, etc. Setting the video on a landing page to auto-play is acceptable in this case, since the audience is expecting to see a video.

Video is racing to the top as a form of online content. How are you using video to communicate your business?


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