Orlando User Summit

Branded Conference Videos

A video director works with two actors while camera and audio crew look on

The Galvanize marketing team was understandably eager to show off their newly minted brand for the first time, in-person, at their annual user summit in Orlando, Florida.

They had a bunch of printed swag. A heavily branded Gran Torino was set to dominate part of the entrance hall. And they wanted a series of branded conference videos to refocus the attendees’ attention to the main stage as they returned from breaks and breakaway sessions.

All this was meant to come together as a cohesive brand experience to help drive re-upped and new SaaS subscriptions.

“Make Magic Happen,” was the theme of the conference, taking its inspiration from the fact that Disney World was literally just across the road from the hotel. At first that may seem a bit derivative but actually was a great conceptual jump point for our creative brief.

Governance, Risk-Management and Compliance (GRC) is a very complex and somewhat mystifying part of enterprise-level, data-driven organizations. The people who work in GRC seem to speak their own language and act as advisors to executives with strategic data that borders on the mystical.

A manual report magically transforms into a Galvanize report

Our solution was to approach the “Make Magic Happen” theme with a series of video shorts in which GRC personnel are actual Wizards and Witches in everyday life. Another fun concept that came in the naming of our magic spells was from the Harry Potter series, except we flipped the script such that actual magic was an everyday occurrence.

However, in this world the magical talents of these Wizards and Witches are not appreciated. In fact, they are taken for granted and even considered mundane. But when they use their powers to achieve GRC related goals, only then does anyone marvel and take notice.

We also made a point of inserting a number of audience-specific, inside jokes with jargon-heavy references and knowing jabs at working in an office space. What better way to connect to customers than laughing together about our common experiences?

Each part has a standalone story, but all together they are a coherent series with recurring characters and developmental arcs of their own.

Conference Opening Video

After a series of worldly frustrations, a witch is relieved to finally use her magic wand from Galvanize to solve problems at work.

Quad Erat Demonstratum | Thus it has been demonstrated

Branded Conference Video Part 2

An unappreciated office employee can’t get recognition for her magical efforts until she conjures up an incredibly complex visual report.

Non Complianto | Non-compliant

Branded Conference Video Part 3

A new hire discovers the dark art of security compliance on-boarding

Fraudulus Gefindet | Fraud Found

Branded Conference Video Part 4

Compiling a fraud report threatens to break one man’s frayed nerves until he is saved by the magic spell of a flirtatious co-worker.

Last thoughts and a surprise ending

The Value of Branded Conference Videos

At conferences, everyone is expecting a day filled with powerpoint presentations.

Branded conference videos are fantastic tools for inserting some brand personality!

The nature of a darkened room and a compelling video will naturally focus the attention of your audience, bring them along for a ride and mentally prepare them for your next presenter.

We were grateful to the Galvanize team for the creative control and trust placed in us to deliver on the full production of these conference videos, from conceptualization and scripting to final assets.

If you have read this far, you may also be interested to know that this particular conference was scheduled for April of 2020. The world shut down just days before we planned to make our big splash. These videos never reached an audience… until now.