Call To Arms

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Drive sales.  Grow your company. Retain talent.

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Do you need to lead the conversation?

✓  Do you want to grow quickly and build capacity?

✓  Do you want to show your diversity?

✓  Are you a visionary or innovator giving back and inspiring others?

✓  Are you applying for industry awards like 40 under 40 or Best Employer?

✓ Do you want to broadcast your culture?

✓  Are you a B Corporation expressing your commitments?

Attract, on-board and retain:

✓  Clients

✓  Talent

✓  Brand Ambassadors

✓  Sponsors

✓  Investors

✓ Other Stakeholders

Increasingly people care most about the overall positive impact of an organization on workers, customers, community and environment.

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Communicate your brand in:

✓  Sales

✓  The Community

✓  Celebrating milestones

✓  Testimonials

✓ Legacy

✓  Expressing Gratitude


Recruiting executives and thought leaders at the CIMC conference, we set out to tell the story of Jacques Prevert – a tale that illustrates the value and power of storytelling.

[testimonial style=”border-radius:100%;” alignment=”person-center” text_alignment=”text-left” testi_color=”#474747″ testimonial_img=”3361″ name_surname=”Matthew Luhn” title=”Story Veteran @ Pixar” testimonial_content=”“Great stories build relationships and make people care. Marketing is not about the stuff you sell, it’s about the stories you tell.“”]


The task was to reinforce the brand of political candidate Shauna Sylvester as a collaborator and listener. Her values, which resonated across a wide spectrum of voters, were the basis for the script. Approaching campaign volunteers to speak on her behalf, we assembled a cast to represent the concerns, wants and needs of Vancouverites.

[testimonial style=”border-radius:100%;” alignment=”person-center” text_alignment=”text-left” testi_color=”#474747″ testimonial_img=”3359″ name_surname=”Shauna Sylvester” title=”Mayoral Candidate and Director of SFU Centre for Dialogue” testimonial_content=”“So many people saw themselves in this video – people who traditionally don’t vote or never join political campaigns got involved. The volunteer video became the real calling card of our campaign, the voice of a movement of people who didn’t belong to a political party but wanted a voice. It was even featured in a column by a local newspaper!“”]


Using the story of Stone Soup, we set out to illustrate the communal value of CreativeMornings, a monthly speaker series near and dear to our hearts. Asking speaker alumni to participate, the combined clips tell us a parallel story that features the diversity of this creative community.

Behind The Scenes | Outtakes

What is my investment?

How much is high turnover or new acquisitions costing you? How many people are not clear about why they should get involved or take action? How much are you losing because of low engagement, lack of buy-in or small turnout? It may already be costing you a great deal.


Bring us your script and we will work with you to turn it into a powerful Call To Arms.


✓  Messaging Consultation

✓  Half Day of Pre-Production

✓  Full Day On-Location

✓  Full Day of Post-Production


Don’t know what to say? Our intake process will deliver your message loud and clear.

Also Includes:

✓  Two Hour Intake Call

✓ Message Creation

✓ Distribution Consultation

✓ Script Writing


For marketing campaigns, bigger organizations and larger scale productions.

Also Includes:

✓  Insight & Discovery Process

✓ Strategy Consultation

✓  Extended Production Schedule

✓  Living Portrait Campaign