Video Marketing Message

What is your marketing video message?

Messaging is a top-down kind of decision that requires your personal attention. It can’t be left to the rank-and-file to figure out your marketing video message. It has to come from above as crafted, approved and clearly defined. Your marketing message is fundamental to your strategy as a brand because it convinces customers to do […]

Video Marketing Target Market

Who is the target audience for your video?

It is time to make sure that we understand your target audience. So, what demographics and insights do you have? And your answer needs to be super specific. Don’t just say, “Males, 19-35” because that is just lazy. I want insight. I want to know as many relevant details as possible about your target audience […]

Marketing Video Outcomes

Marketing Video Outcomes

Before you get into ideas, scripts or creative treatments for a project, it is vital to be clear on the desired marketing video outcomes. The ideas and scripts and treatments are shiny objects at this stage of the process and it is tempting to chase after them. If someone comes to me with an idea […]

What are your video project expectations?

What are your video project expectations?

The first thing I do with a potential client is ask them to tell me a bit about the project they have in mind. Their answer informs a lot of the questions that follow but the very first thing I am hoping to figure out is this – What are your video project expectations? Unspoken […]

Video Marketing Success | Introduction

Introduction to Video Marketing Success

How do you succeed with video? Every Marketing Director and Manager knows that video is an important part of the marketing mix. But how do you set yourself up for video marketing success when starting with video or even just a new video project? To answer that question, I have created this hard and fast […]

Protect your video project

Protect the vision of your video project

I’d like to talk to marketers and communicators about why it’s important to protect your next video project from the rest of your company. When outsourcing to a creative team, whether it’s design or video or whatever, it’s important to have a single point of contact or a small team through which all decisions are […]

Marketing Video Production Costs | How much?

Have you ever looked at one of your marketing videos and thought, I think I paid too much for this video? I recently had a potential customer come to me and say, “How much would you charge for one of these videos? I think I paid too much.” Is it easy to feel like you’ve […]

Behind-the-scenes Video Production | Brand Video

Behind-The-Scenes Video Production | We Are Galvanize

Nerds rule the world and should have a cool brand. Here is a peek into what started as a hype video for a sales conference, turned brand video. For such a short video we weren’t concerned with telling a story so much as creating a visceral impression of a global brand with aggressive growth goals, […]

New Drone Laws & Marketing

What do the new drone licensing laws mean for marketers, communicators and business owners? While the technology is getting more and more accessible, which is exciting, the Canadian government has slammed the brakes on our ability to just throw one of these up in the air. Here is what you need to know: If you […]