Protect your video project

Protect the vision of your video project

I’d like to talk to marketers and communicators about why it’s important to protect your next video project from the rest of your company. When outsourcing to a creative team, whether it’s design or video or whatever, it’s important to have a single point of contact or a small team through which all decisions are […]

Marketing Video Production Costs | How much?

Have you ever looked at one of your marketing videos and thought, I think I paid too much for this video? I recently had a potential customer come to me and say, “How much would you charge for one of these videos? I think I paid too much.” Is it easy to feel like you’ve […]

Behind-the-scenes Video Production | Brand Video

Behind-The-Scenes Video Production | We Are Galvanize

Nerds rule the world and should have a cool brand. Here is a peek into what started as a hype video for a sales conference, turned brand video. For such a short video we weren’t concerned with telling a story so much as creating a visceral impression of a global brand with aggressive growth goals, […]

New Drone Laws & Marketing

What do the new drone licensing laws mean for marketers, communicators and business owners? While the technology is getting more and more accessible, which is exciting, the Canadian government has slammed the brakes on our ability to just throw one of these up in the air. Here is what you need to know: If you […]

Deadlines provide focus

Deadlines provide focus

Deadlines have a way of getting pushed back, especially when there are decisions going up and down the ladder. I have recently discovered a way to focus clients on the decisions that need to be made – tell them I am going on vacation for a month. But that’s an aside from the point of […]

video marketing is not a checkbox

Video is not a checkbox in your marketing plan

 I want to talk to you about the perils of treating your video marketing efforts like a checkbox on your to-do list. Now, I get it. People are busy. They’re concerned with implementation. Get it done! Video is hot right now. Make some up and get them out there! Get some results! I get […]

Choose your music bed wisely

Music sets the tone and style of your video communications. Chosen incorrectly, the wrong music bed will take your communications in odd and undesired directions. But this kind of deliberation takes time, even when you know what you are looking for. And we all know time costs money so I see this particular corner get […]

content marketing storytelling

Content Marketing and Storytelling

Part of a content marketing strategy involves Hub content, the stuff of regular updates and broadcasting the brand experience. It keeps your audience coming back, engages them and creates genuine interest. Likes and shares on social channels are great but it is the engagement which reciprocates business. Our latest storytelling piece is in a vlog […]

BC Housing Announcement

BC Housing | Event Photography

As a Vancouver based company we are always eager to hear news of bold movement in solving our housing crisis. It was our pleasure to be present at Premier John Horgan’s public announcement of the provincial role in working with the United Church to build 414 affordable units. While we were there it was interesting […]