Who will be the key decision-maker for your video project?

Key Decision Maker

When outsourcing your video projects, it is important to have a single point of contact or a small team managing decisions. Who will be your key decision maker? Now, I understand that you need to run some decisions past different department heads but that doesn’t make them part of the project. In the beginning we […]

What is the deadline on your video project?

Video Project Deadline

So, when do you want to launch this thing? What kind of timeline are we looking at? Is this a rush job? Are we making it look like Christmas in August? What is your video project deadline? Now that we have a sense of the complexity of the project and a list of deliverables, we […]

Video Applications and Platforms

Applications and Platforms

From the outset, you should understand which applications and platforms will be important. Where is this video project is going to live? How and where will this video project be used? On what platforms will it appear? Is it for a landing page on the web? Will it be projected on a wall? Will it […]

What is the creative scope of your marketing video?

Creative Scope

Each video project is different in creative scope. There are different messages to different audience niches at different points of the customer journey. So it is reasonable to ask yourself, how important is it to you that this particular video project stands out creatively against your competition? For attention-grabbing commercials and heroic brand videos, it […]

What should your video audience Think, Feel and Do?

What should your audience Think, Feel and Do?

In this section, we will talk about what we want your audience to think, feel and do after viewing your video content. In behavioural therapy this is called the cognitive triangle. Thoughts inform feelings. Feelings reinforce thoughts and affect behaviour. Behaviour acts out thoughts and feelings and the cycle continues. If you have properly identified […]

Video Marketing Checklist

What is on your Marketing Video Checklist?

Now that we have established a vision for the project, we are next going to create a marketing video checklist of things that must appear in your project. It can be as simple as including an interview with the Vice President of Human Resources. It can also be as unusual as including a plush moose […]

Keep your video marketing on-brand

Staying On Brand

Now that we are clear on your tone and style, let’s talk about staying on brand. It is equally important to state what you want to avoid. This can be more difficult because you have to resist the urge to be all things to all people. You have to be explicit about who you are […]

Marketing Message Tone and Style

What is your video tone and style?

In this section we are going to talk about your video tone and style in communications. Style ties to the psyche and the efficacy of video marketing has deep psychological roots. This is where your brand style guide is going to be invaluable. Ideally you have a download package with all the information and assets […]

Video Marketing Message

What is your marketing video message?

Messaging is a top-down kind of decision that requires your personal attention. It can’t be left to the rank-and-file to figure out your marketing video message. It has to come from above as crafted, approved and clearly defined. Your marketing message is fundamental to your strategy as a brand because it convinces customers to do […]

Video Marketing Target Market

Who is the target audience for your video?

It is time to make sure that we understand your target audience. So, what demographics and insights do you have? And your answer needs to be super specific. Don’t just say, “Males, 19-35” because that is just lazy. I want insight. I want to know as many relevant details as possible about your target audience […]