Creative Scope

Each video project is different in creative scope. There are different messages to different audience niches at different points of the customer journey.

So it is reasonable to ask yourself, how important is it to you that this particular video project stands out creatively against your competition?

For attention-grabbing commercials and heroic brand videos, it can be pretty important. I’m talking about beautiful cinematography, an evocative soundtrack, integrated motion graphics and an emotional journey.

Video projects that help your audience with their due diligence don’t need that kind of impact. They need to provide more useful information than broadcast your brand. But even if creativity isn’t the priority you need to ask yourself, what is the minimum production value that will speak to your brand?

How important is it that this particular video project stands out creatively against your competition?

I find that the creative scope of a project starts with the aspirational identity of the brand, divided by the amount of the attention you already have from your audience, divided again by the platform you are using to reach them.

For example, if your video content is reaching a potential customer for the first time on a landing page, you are going to want something that makes an impression and draws them into your Call To Action.

Value-based content on Youtube requires a baseline of production value but not the same as your branding and commercial videos.

If you have an audience on Tik Tok or Instagram, people will watch vertical videos whenever you post them.

Creative scope for a video depends on a brand identity, audience attention and platform

So, ask yourself, how important is creativity in each of your video projects?

In the next video, we will talk more about platforms and applications.

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