What should your audience Think, Feel and Do?

In this section, we will talk about what we want your audience to think, feel and do after viewing your video content.

In behavioural therapy this is called the cognitive triangle. Thoughts inform feelings. Feelings reinforce thoughts and affect behaviour. Behaviour acts out thoughts and feelings and the cycle continues.

If you have properly identified your target audience, you already understand their thoughts and feelings. As a marketer, you should be speaking directly to them, building trust and showing that you identify with them.

The cognitive triangle

Marketing is about changing behaviour, so what thoughts and feelings can you identify that will get your audience to act? And how does that act get them to think and feel better about themselves?

Changing behavioural patterns is hard. Our brains like to repeat the same patterns over and over. It takes a lot of active and consistent effort to disrupt these cycles. The more aligned you are with your target audience, the easier it is to introduce a small change.

Examples of Think, Feel and Do

For example, in a political attack ad you want to speak to voters who are frustrated with the current administration. You know they think that this politician is cynical and self-serving. So you speak to those thoughts and feelings and present a call to action like, sign a petition or vote differently in the next election.

Or, let’s say, your target audience is rural resource industry businesses. They think the urban central banks don’t understand the big swing economic cycles of the region. They feel sidelined by bankers who won’t grant them business loans. So you communicate those thoughts and feelings and suggest those businesses change financial institutions and come to your credit union.

Changing behavioural patterns is hard

So, what do you want your audience to think, feel & do after viewing your video content?

In the next video we will talk about the importance of creativity.

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