What is on your Marketing Video Checklist?

Now that we have established a vision for the project, we are next going to create a marketing video checklist of things that must appear in your project.

It can be as simple as including an interview with the Vice President of Human Resources. It can also be as unusual as including a plush moose and a 1976 Gran Torino because they are part of the company story.

Make this list up front. This way you can make sure you have all of these things included in the ideas and initial script of your video content.

Marketing video checklist is a good list to make up front to make sure all of these things are included in the ideas and initial script

Later on in the process it can be awkward, if not impossible, to wedge in something that wasn’t  taken into account from the beginning.

This checklist also helps identify the communication objectives of the project. You get a sense of how a video will look based on your list. It also starts a list of logistics for the producers to make sure everything and everyone we need are part of the production.

You can also prioritize your marketing video checklist into:

  • must-haves,
  • nice-to-haves
  • and ideas.
Your checklist can also be prioritized into must-haves, nice-to-haves and ideas.

For example, you must-have clips of your CEO talking about and accepting an award for environmentally sustainable tourism. It would be nice to have contextual footage of your CEO on location. And one idea to feature the location is to commission a drone shot.

Does this list not already give you a sense of how this video project will come together?

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