What is your marketing video message?

Messaging is a top-down kind of decision that requires your personal attention. It can’t be left to the rank-and-file to figure out your marketing video message. It has to come from above as crafted, approved and clearly defined.

Your marketing message is fundamental to your strategy as a brand because it convinces customers to do business with you rather than send them on to your competitor. You need to demonstrate that you understand your target audience, understand their problems and have a trustworthy solution.

If the messaging on a project is out of step with the rest of your organization, bad things happen. The point is, make sure that you have buy-in from the top.

Your marketing video message must be crafted, approved and defined

So, what is the story you want to tell? What are the beliefs and ideas you want to convey? Why should your target audience care? How are you going to captivate them with a clear and enticing message?

Well, I’m going to tell you. Showcase the personality of your brand. Create an emotional connection. Demonstrate to the customer what is in it for them.

Be the software company that says, “Nerds rule the world and deserve a cool brand.”

Differentiate and be the restaurant that says, “I see you people with dietary restrictions and non-mainstream food preferences.”

Be the local airline that says, “We go everywhere the big airlines won’t because that is where we are from and we care about these communities.”

Be specific in your marketing video message

In the next video we are going to talk about how you say it with tone and style.

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