Connect and sell emotionally with video

 Connect with customers and drive sales with emotion.

How many of you have seen the viral video of babies laughing?

If you’ve seen it, I’m sure you quickly found yourself laughing as well. Their laughter is infectious! Sure babies are adorable but on a deeper level we are hard-wired to be empathic, to be emotionally connected. Even through a video.

And that’s the point – video triggers emotions like no other medium.

People buy based on emotion and use logic to rationalize their decisions afterwards. They choose a Realtor because he seems trustworthy; a financial planner because she seems secure. Or they choose an Accountant or a Graphic Designer because they are ridiculously good-looking.

Once that emotional connection is made it is natural to get repeat business and referrals.

To what emotion do you appeal in your customers? That is the target of a well-made video.

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