Story Funnel

Part testimonial, part call-to-action, we worked with Funnel Story to craft this landing page tool. Through our consultative process we helped the company creator, Amir Nasr, to prioritize the businesses he wanted featured in order to represent the brand as global and applicable to many kinds of entrepreneurs.

We gathered some business leaders in Vancouver, Canada and others in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the on-camera testimonials were concisely shot in one day by different teams. The extra footage was generously donated by Funnel Story clients. This is how we planned in advance to keep production costs lean.

The result is a sales tool that speaks globally and resonates personally for internet entrepreneurs who want to clarify their messaging and scale their online businesses.

Video Profiles for the VSO

Bringing Warmth And Personality With Video

It was an honour to be part of this project, produced by The Notice Group, to capture video profiles for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The goal was to give a close and personal look at some of the orchestra’s notable musicians, hear their thoughts on performing and other interests as well.

Video Thought Leadership

The Business of Creativity with Jordan Eshpeter

Our second informational interview on better practices and perspectives for the creative class is with Jordan Eshpeter, Head of Growth + Engagement at Invoke.

Differentiation and Business Development with video

Video is now a common and effective way for businesses to highlight their expertise and build their reputations. So what does a video look like in the toolkit of a B2B expert?

Building out your visibility as an expert with video needn’t be very expensive because it ultimately depends on the quality of what you are uniquely qualified to educate potential clients about.

Connect and sell emotionally with video

 Connect with customers and drive sales with emotion.

How many of you have seen the viral video of babies laughing?

If you’ve seen it, I’m sure you quickly found yourself laughing as well. Their laughter is infectious! Sure babies are adorable but on a deeper level we are hard-wired to be empathic, to be emotionally connected. Even through a video.

And that’s the point – video triggers emotions like no other medium.

People buy based on emotion and use logic to rationalize their decisions afterwards. They choose a Realtor because he seems trustworthy; a financial planner because she seems secure. Or they choose an Accountant or a Graphic Designer because they are ridiculously good-looking.

Once that emotional connection is made it is natural to get repeat business and referrals.

To what emotion do you appeal in your customers? That is the target of a well-made video.

Video Thought-Piece Reinforces Brand

The Business of Creativity with Reece Terris

Recently we created a mini-series of informational interviews with industry professionals on better work practices and perspectives for the creative class. Artist and builder, Reece Terris was the first to share his thoughts.

Connect with Social Media

Through a highly targeted post on Facebook this video reached a local audience of self-identifying creative individuals to promote the brand of Creative Mornings Vancouver. Over a very short period of time the video was viewed more than 5600 times! This is a qualified success for a monthly event that can only admit 150 people.

With some thought and a very modest promotional budget it is possible to meaningfully engage a very specific audience, provide value and get your message across. How can we help you do the same for your brand with the powerful and effective medium of video?

Generating Leads With Video

Trade Valuable Content For Contact Information

If you do informational presentations on your business, you should be recording those sessions as valuable online content to generate sales leads.

Now, you can lead someone to your video, but how do you turn them into a sales lead? Well, on video platforms like Wistia, you can apply something called an ’email gate’, which prompts people to enter their contact information before or after they have watched a video.

Both have different strategies – a gate at the beginning of your video may discourage viewers and a gate at the end runs the risk of people just watching and leaving. It’s also possible to create a teaser video and then add your gate.

Either way, if you are presenting valuable content you have the opportunity to ask people to pay for it in the form of their contact information. Then you have a real way of capturing information, following up and nurturing the relationship from a lead into a client.

Living Portraits

Thought Leadership In Design

While shooting video content on Vancouver Island for Designed To Speak , I was fortunate to have a few moments with each subject to grab some additional content – an environmental portrait and a living portrait. Photographing people was my first passion in the visual arts – creating a connection through the lens and capturing some aspect of personality.

A natural extension of portraiture is the living portriat, with added dimensions to give viewers an immediate sense of the subject – who they are, how they move, and just enough time for a complete thought. The living portrait is not a replacement for headshots, but rather a powerful addition to profiles. You will notice here that I have chosen Vimeo to embed these living portraits specifically for its design-friendly control panel, which allows me to feature the sujbect without a Youtube play button in the middle of my composition.

These living portriats were created specifically as vehicles for thought leadership and mentorship. What would you want to say in your own living portrait?

Iván Meade

Iván Meade is the principal designer and founder of Meade Design Group and the Iván Meade Fabric Collection. He has received international and critical acclaim for his work in interior, graphic, and industrial design. Meade Design Group has created a niche for itself in branding designers; Iván has worked with interior designers locally as well as in Australia and throughout North America to help them develop high-value brands for themselves.

Richard Hatter

Richard is an award-winning designer, illustrator, and conceptual thinker. He has 13 years of experience in graphic, print, and web design, as well as creative direction, market strategy and artistic management.

Emrys Miller

Emrys oversees all projects, providing strategy, creative direction and technical direction at Rocketday Arts. He brings a background in communications design, fine art, and computer science. Emrys is a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and participates in the global graphic design community.

Video Empowers Customers

Integrating Video Into Your Marketing Mix

When deciding between products and services, people want to feel empowered with the information they need to make the right decision. What are they getting? Where are they spending their money? With whom are they doing business? These questions make up the gap between a purchase decision and the physical experience of a product or service.

Online video is no longer a nice-to-have for business because it is changing the way people make purchase decisions. Online shopping carts also see lower abandonment rates with video and buyer’s remorse declines in the form of fewer purchase returns.

Demonstrating that you understand your target market and communicating exactly what they need to hear creates confidence in your business and the solution, service or product you provide.

90% of customers watch online video to help make purchase decisions and by doing so move themselves through the sales process. With online video, by the time you hear from a prospective client, they have done their research, have a specific question or want to know the next step in doing business.

So you have to ask yourself, the next time a potential client watches a video, will it be yours or someone else’s?

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music for your Corporate Video | Pros and Cons

Your video needs just the right music to communicate the tenor of your brand and timbre of your message. Choosing that music can become a daunting task when you are trying to bring in a project on budget and on time. The solution is to use Royalty Free music.

Like stock photography, the stock music industry has exploded online; providing music producers the opportunity to reach a massive market. So now there are more options than ever before to acquire fresh, catchy and complimentary music for your online marketing and business communication videos.

But like every cost-effective solution there are pros and cons.


1. Affordable

A company can blow its entire marketing budget on licensing the rights to today’s hottest club track. The same goes for a golden oldie that speaks directly to everyone above the age of sixty. Thanks to Royalty Free music you can get an appropriate music track that won’t break the bank.

2. Easy Licensing Agreements

The Royalty Free music industry realizes that being affordable means simple licensing agreements . Whether you get an independent music producer or shop an online music catalogue, there is a short and easy-to-understand license for you.

3. Genres, Moods or Instrumentation

Music evokes emotions so finding the right track for your video is key to its success. Deciding on the perfect track for your video can be tough but at least you can narrow your search in a variety of ways. Looking for something luxuriant with gently evolving, cascading strings? No problem. Don’t get stuck with a dub step track to feature your $2.6M condo for sale.


1. Taste vs Cost

You may not be able to afford the latest pop sensation that is stuck in your head, but you can get something ‘poppy’. The production value won’t be the same either, depending on your budget. But hey, perhaps that tune banged out on a Fisher Price keyboard is perfect for your line of plush toys.

2. Non-exclusive rights

When deciding on music, it is worth noting that good tracks are often popular downloads. This means that you have to be comfortable with other brands using exactly the same music. They may be competitors or organizations that are antithetical to your brand. For example, it is entirely possible for PETA and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to use the same music in their video productions.


Your brand and target market should determine the kind of music in your video, not your personal taste. So don’t feel bad if you can’t have exactly the song you want, it should be the song they want. The alternatives are abundant and affordable, so long as you are aware of the benefits and compromises.

We work closely with clients on music selection and are happy to provide suggestions and sample tracks for approval. How can we help with your next video project?

A Video Ode to Summer

How easy is it to get away from the city?

As a personal project this summer we produced a spot on Birkenhead Lake to shop around to travel and destination clients. With just a few customized shots and additional graphics, we saw this piece promoting either car-share programs or the province of British Columbia.

It is also a killer portfolio piece, shot in the vein of so many other projects eager to embrace mobile technology. To test the capabilities, functions and quality, we shot this entirely on the iPhone 6.

At the very least, this will inspire you to go camping!